Powder Coating
Our powder coating service sets itself apart from others by being of the highest quality by paying attention to every detail from start to finish and using quality products. We can also go above and beyond other coaters by offering the ability to do multiple colors on a single part including custom designs, 2 tones and more.  We do all surface prep in house, such as stripping of old finsh and media  blasting.  Media blasting is a must for proper coat adhesion, if your coater doesnt blast it go somewhere else!!!  We can also handle item disassembly and reassembly if needed. Can't get it apart, have no fear we can help!!!  Broken bolt, no problem, we can take care of that too.   We mask all areas needed such as threads, fit diameters, and mating surfaces.    We have thousands of colors to choose from, so we are sure to have the color you are looking for.  We can also do color matching, just bring us a sample.  As for size capabilities, we can handle anything from the smallest part up to any part that will fit into a 4ft x 7ft x 16ft cube.  Got a production run of parts you need coated, we can handle that too.

Metal Fabrication

We are a full service shop being able to design and fabricate just about anything you can imagine.  Employing a growing line of equipment such as,

CNC Plasma table, 4ft x8ft with 3/4" thick cut capacity

CNC Lathe, 12" x 36"

CNC Milling center, 11" x 18"

As well as a host of manual machines such as bridgeport mill, drill press, metal brake, 60" sheet metal roll, bead rollers, plasma cutters, surface grinder, and much more.

Need a welder welder?  We can do it.  Aluminum too!!  

​We can do your project from start to finish, just let us know what you need.


Have an item you want restored?  Look no further, we specialize in item restoration.  We can take care of it all, just bring us your old ragged item and pick it up in better then new condition!!!  Or if you are the hands on kind of person, we can help you too, by taking care of the stuff you dont have the capabilities of doing.  You choose how much you want us to do.  

Media Blasting

Media blasting is a must for proper coating adhesion.  If your coater doesn't blast, find a different coater.  

Sevices we Offer

963 S. 8 Mile Rd kawkawlin MI 48631 US